Asbestos – Survey, Management, and Removal; Soil and Air Quality Monitoring

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious health problems, ranging from cancer to asbestosis. When you or workers at a business become exposed to asbestos, it can mean serious health issues later on in life. Asbestos can be found in many houses built before 1980 and in items such as roof shingles, insulation, floor tiles and

Piano Shop

Want to hear and feel your piano before you commit? Of course you do! Buying an instrument is a huge commitment. That’s why we urge you to visit our Brisbane piano shop and experience your future piano for yourself. Feel the keys, hear the tone, and fall in love. Over the course of decades, Morris Brothers Pianos has

What Down Syndrome Home Care Assistance Will You Need?

Living with Down Syndrome can present a number of everyday challenges and care needs requiring professional support. Finding the right Down Syndrome home care assistance can help ensure you get the support you need. It’s important to work with a Down Syndrome home care assistance service provider that understands your specific needs and will be

Key Considerations when Choosing a Commercial Painter

Choosing your commercial painter is an important decision, and there are a number of key factors that you should take into account to ensure that your commercial painting project is carried out professionally, quickly and using the best quality paints, products and coatings. Like any professional contractor, good painters are highly skilled and experts in

Looking After All Lifting Equipment for Australian Height Safety

Working with all lifting equipment for Australian Height Safety can be hazardous if not done properly and should always be treated with caution. Working at height also carries hazards of its own. Safe working instructions and the proper use of safety equipment will go a long way to ensuring that accidents don’t happen at your

Metal Roof Replacements

Metal roofs are the most common roofing type found throughout the country. They make use of an effective and efficiently interlocking metal roof system that provides each home with various benefits. For example, metal roofs are greater at resisting wind, and compared to some other roof options on the market and they need little to

Bathroom Renovations

Our team of plumbers, water proofers, designers, carpenters and builders work together to create truly unique bathroom designs that are not only functional, but also eye-catching and inspiring. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and significantly contributes to the overall value of your property. We have been helping Brisbane

Kitchen Cabinets

Consultation for Your Kitchen Cabinets We will begin with an initial consultation session in which you will work with our teams to provide us with your personal preferences. In some circumstances, our team may ask to view your kitchen to provide you with the appropriate advice on what types of cabinet you should purchase. If

Hamptons Style Home Design

The Hamptons Style is characterised by combining coastal style and traditional features.   This timeless design is one of our most popular and our own favourite styles, and we have put together our top tips for designing your own Hamptons Style home! Façade Design:To achieve that classic Hamptons home, incorporate a gable style roof into your


Painting your home for the first time can be extremely exciting. Whether you’re having a single room painted, or your whole house, the thought of the change to come is exciting for everyone involved. And the choice of paint can affect your home. Here are three benefits you will notice after painting your home. 1.